Want to Help African EM? Think Local.
One of the greatest threats to African emergency care development is an imported, Western understanding of the standard of care. If outsiders want to have a positive impact on African emergency medicine, we need to talk less, listen more, and focus on local talent and resources.
‘Post-Lean’ and the Future of ED Design
As operational processes continue to evolve in growing numbers of emergency departments around the world, adjusting facilities design can become an obvious next step, albeit an extremely challenging one. Dr. Manny Hernandez shared his insights with us on how ED facilities design can both shape and respond to how its operations and processes are formed, and how telemedicine and personalized medicine could influence your ED design very soon.
Burned Out? Try Rebooting with a Year Abroad
Is it ever too late to make radical lifestyle adjustments? A middle-aged American EP left his medical practice in Texas and moved his family for 18 months to practice medicine, life, and leisure—Kiwi style. Here’s what they learned.
Surmounting an Assault: Hospital Staging in Disaster, Structural Damage, and War
Military attacks on hospitals have become all too frequent around the globe. Being prepared for them will help ensure your patients’ safety – and your own.
An Eye On Outcomes
Should we, as emergency physicians, think about long-term recovery?
Tranexamic Acid for Traumatic Hemorrhage
Considering the available data, the early use of TXA should be strongly considered for any patient requiring blood products for trauma-related hemorrhage.
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