Meet Graham, the New Face of Vehicular Trauma
An artist, an accident researcher, and a trauma surgeon joined forces to put a surprising spin on an Australian traffic safety awareness initiative.
A New Lancet Commission Puts the Spotlight on EM
Lee Wallis, president of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) serves on a newly formed Lancet Commission, which has 23 commissioners across a range of specialties. Their task? Examine how the effects of non-communicable diseases differ around the world, particularly between high and low income countries, and promote pathways for better healthcare. EPI caught up with Dr. Wallis to learn more about this initiative, as well as his thoughts on ‘technology leapfrogging’ and drones delivering healthcare supplies in Rwanda.
Sierra Leone Field Report: 2016
In the aftermath of the worst Ebola epidemic in history, this West African country is working hard to apply hard-earned lessons and international resources to strengthening its health surveillance systems, and slowly easing access to timely care through the ED.
Applying Human-Centered Design Principles to Emergency Medicine
Healthcare systems resemble microclimates, with a unique set of functions, resources, patients, vulnerabilities, and strengths. There is, however, a template for ED design that can account for these many variables, and guide all the stakeholders through the process of building an effective and efficient ED.
Analgesia in the ED
Is analgesia in the ED helping our patients?—or killing them?
Tranexamic Acid for Traumatic Hemorrhage
Considering the available data, the early use of TXA should be strongly considered for any patient requiring blood products for trauma-related hemorrhage.
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