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In the aftermath of the worst Ebola epidemic in history, this West African country is working hard to apply hard-earned lessons and international resources to strengthening its health surveillance systems, and slowly easing access to timely care through the ED.
Between 2005 and 2007, four new EM training programs began in Trinidad and Tobago, creating an explosion in new training and widespread coverage of qualified EM physicians.
After building 10 new EDs with EU grants, Slovenia is slowly adopting a more standardized emergency care system, and a new organization, SEMA, is focused on streamlining EM training.
Is it ever too late to make radical lifestyle adjustments? A middle-aged American EP left his medical practice in Texas and moved his family for 18 months to practice medicine, life, and leisure—Kiwi style. Here’s what they learned.
A bi-national coalition of surgeons and physicians are teaming with a local organization to bring surgical and trauma care training to local doctors in northern Iraq.
Although it faces some of the same trauma care challenges as its neighbors, EM is already an officially recognized specialty in Cameroon, and two new emergency centers have opened here recently.
Just months after its medical and education officials approved EM as an official medical specialty for the first time, planned EM residency training programs already number in the dozens, including pediatric EM programs.
In Taiz, an epicenter of the destruction in Yemen’s civil war, a recent medical graduate is among the skeleton crew providing care at Al-Thawra Hospital. In this active war zone, there are severe shortages of medical supplies and electricity—but no shortage of patients.
A month training emergency personnel at Bhutan’s central hospital proves to an up-close-and-personal look at the mountain nation that has been dubbed “the last Shangri-La.”
Ugandans may struggle against a lack of standardized acute care and serious time delays in receiving such care, but at least in Dr. Joseph Kalanzi they have a tireless EM advocate.
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