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An artist, an accident researcher, and a trauma surgeon joined forces to put a surprising spin on an Australian traffic safety awareness initiative.
One of the greatest threats to African emergency care development is an imported, Western understanding of the standard of care. If outsiders want to have a positive impact on African emergency medicine, we need to talk less, listen more, and focus on local talent and resources.
A study of international protection for emergency responders, and a proposal for a model responder protection law.
A healthcare project in Tijuana highlighted the need for NGOs to begin with an accurate and thorough needs assessment. Only then can an emergency medicine team enter into a local context in a helpful and lasting way.
Building a country’s emergency medicine acute care system need no longer be a shot in the dark. Over 65 countries around the world have developed a functional EM system, and consistent patterns and challenges of development have emerged, providing a clear pathway to any country now that wants to build an EM system. Here’s how to start.
Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes, and mental illness are all managed regularly in the ED, but their burden is falling disproportionately on developing countries. Could EPs intervene and change the course of their country’s health trajectory?
The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine is beginning to establish regional outposts to provide peer support and resources for EM students and residents around the globe.
The world’s elderly population continues to explode, creating both strain and opportunity in the field of emergency medicine. Emergency physicians need to respond by solidifying the ED as the hub of care for the aging patient.
Positive effort by United Nations to curb non-communicable diseases falls short of setting targets and fails to address global emergency medicine development issues.
The Medical Council of India (MCI) is slowly taking positive steps towards educating a new emergency physician workforceD
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