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Healthcare systems resemble microclimates, with a unique set of functions, resources, patients, vulnerabilities, and strengths. There is, however, a template for ED design that can account for these many variables, and guide all the stakeholders through the process of building an effective and efficient ED.
Just because a hospital lacks reliable electricity, adequate staff numbers or fancy machines doesn’t mean it can’t take advantage of high design. Enter “frugal innovation.”
Behavioral health patients present a unique set of challenges for emergency departments across the globe. Dr. Manuel Hernandez explains how ED design can decrease the stress and anxiety for these patients while increasing the efficiency of their care.
In-ED imaging can improve efficiency, raise the quality of care and even help the bottom line. Dr. Manuel Hernandez explains how to design it right from the ground up.
In part I of EPI’s new design series, Dr. Manuel Hernandez explains how smart architectural decisions can lead to real improvements in emergency care.
In part II of EPI’s ED design series, Dr. Manuel Hernandez explains the importance of rethinking your emergency department’s front door experience.
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