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Four French physicians with a passion for fine watches put their heads together to form Doplr, a Swiss-made watch with old school medical functionality. Doplr founder Vincent Azzola shares the story.
Lee Wallis, president of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) serves on a newly formed Lancet Commission, which has 23 commissioners across a range of specialties. Their task? Examine how the effects of non-communicable diseases differ around the world, particularly between high and low income countries, and promote pathways for better healthcare. EPI caught up with Dr. Wallis to learn more about this initiative, as well as his thoughts on ‘technology leapfrogging’ and drones delivering healthcare supplies in Rwanda.
As operational processes continue to evolve in growing numbers of emergency departments around the world, adjusting facilities design can become an obvious next step, albeit an extremely challenging one. Dr. Manny Hernandez shared his insights with us on how ED facilities design can both shape and respond to how its operations and processes are formed, and how telemedicine and personalized medicine could influence your ED design very soon.
In 2016, the International Federation for Emergency Medicine will inaugurate Professor Lee Wallis, its first president from an African nation. Wallis is keen to use his term to help IFEM work more collaboratively with the World Health Organization, and make the federation more inclusive of non-physician emergency care workers.
Haywood Hall on how telemedicine allowed him to pursue his global health passions in Mexico...while earning U.S. dollars treating patients on his phone.
Will we face the challenges of tomorrow with yesterday’s tools, or will we challenge ourselves to do better, creating brand new solutions of our own devising?
Global emergency medicine counts numerous sages among its leadership. But for IFEM to help take global emergency medicine to a new level, a new generation will need to be welcomed to the table, and then actively mentored.
Publisher Logan Plaster writes about the innovation necessary for EM in a resource-limited world.
Dr. Manuel Hernandez suggests that mixed-use exam rooms and a re-ordering of the patient intake area are examples of simple and low cost design solutions aimed at increasing efficiency.
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