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Is analgesia in the ED helping our patients?—or killing them?
Should we, as emergency physicians, think about long-term recovery?
Emergency physicians need to pay less attention to what is trending online, and focus more on practicing good, consistent medicine with evidence-based protocols.
From east to west, every emergency department seems to have similar concerns about violence against healthcare workers. No matter where we practice, we need to take a hard look at the factors – both institutional and cultural – that lead to unsafe working conditions.
Triage is a big part of what happens at the front door of many EDs, and it is thought to be essential for safe practice and smooth patient flow by many ED clinicians. But is there a better way?
The recent EMCON conference put on display the ambitious steps being taken to improve Indian emergency medicine. But with over 1 billion potential patients, the challenges are daunting.
Clinical postgrad examinations try to ensure that matriculating physicians are ready for the world of emergency medicine. But can written exams assess the soft skills necessary to practicing EPs?
When Saudi Arabia was hit by a deadly coronavirus, Qatari emergency physicians used it as an opportunity to catalyze hospitals into improving infectious disease practices.
Emergency medicine progress in Europe is going to require emergency physicians to put aside turf battles and work hand in hand with intrenched groups of specialists.
My ED is staffed by physicians of various nationalities and training backgrounds, raising the question: “How important is standardized emergency training?”
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