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As darkness falls, a swarm of insects descends upon our Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) deep in the heart of rural Liberia.
Scrubs: check. Gum boots: check. Gloves: check. Tychem suit: check. Mask: check. Hood: check. Apron: check. Goggles: check. Gloves again: check. “Ready?” I ask the Liberian nurse assisting me. She shakes her head and grabs a small strip of duct tape, covering the space between my hood and goggles where a thin slice of skin was showing. “Now ready,” she replies.
Dr. Adam Levine explains that the dangers of cholera caused by severe dehydration remains a pressing issue in Bangladesh.
According to the WHO, nearly one in ten deaths worldwide are due to injuries, more than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. In Kigali, an emergency medicine training course addresses this rising tide of injured patients.
The Best Global Emergency Medicine Research
Abstracts from some of the best EM research around the world, by the Global Medical Literature Review Group
On behalf of the Emergency Medicine Literature Review Group
In northern Rwanda, a sim-based resuscitation training session quickly turns into a real-life struggle for a child's life.
Global research reviews from Botswana, Canada, Uganda and United States.
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