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Emergency medicine opens up possibilities for further increased collaboration and cooperation between the USA, and other countries, with Iran, in efforts such as faculty and fellow exchanges, curriculum development, sub-specialty certification exam development, and clinical research.
It is almost startling to realize how many of the EM challenges and opportunities in many countries mirror those in other countries. We are much more connected in these struggles than we may realize.
There is so much work yet to do in establishing and operating EM clinical delivery and training systems around the world; it is vital that all projects and meetings be conducted with a spirit of collaboration - rather than a spirit of competition.
With ICEM moving to an annual schedule and the increasing number of international emergency medicine fellowship programs, there's never been a better time to get involved with global emergency medicine at a strategic level.
Dr. C. James Holliman explains his vision in leading the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) as the organization's incoming President.
The International Federation of Emergency Medicine offers several opportunities to get involved.
Emergency department overcrowding is just one of many public relations problems making it difficult for emergency medicine to recruit new doctors.
Heroic measures of emergency care
The status of Emergency Medicine (EM) varies widely across Europe
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