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Healthcare systems resemble microclimates, with a unique set of functions, resources, patients, vulnerabilities, and strengths. There is, however, a template for ED design that can account for these many variables, and guide all the stakeholders through the process of building an effective and efficient ED.
As operational processes continue to evolve in growing numbers of emergency departments around the world, adjusting facilities design can become an obvious next step, albeit an extremely challenging one. Dr. Manny Hernandez shared his insights with us on how ED facilities design can both shape and respond to how its operations and processes are formed, and how telemedicine and personalized medicine could influence your ED design very soon.
Just because a hospital lacks reliable electricity, adequate staff numbers or fancy machines doesn’t mean it can’t take advantage of high design. Enter “frugal innovation.”
Whenever there is an infectious disease scare, critical eyes turn on the emergency department. The key is to look forward, not back, and design new EDs with infection control principles in mind from the beginning.
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