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As President of the young Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM), Dr. Saleh Fares and his fellow society members have worked closely with each other to tighten training and clinical practice protocols, and advocate broader recognition and support for EM from both the people and the government of the United Arab Emirates. We talked with Dr. Fares about the recent and upcoming projects of the ESEM society, and his hopes for EM in the UAE and the broader Middle Eastern region.
We have created a series of articles where leaders in academic emergency medicine and global health share their experiences. We asked Dr. Razzak to be the first to share some of his stories in EM development with EPI.
From the Managing Editor
The founders of a young EM conference prepare for their fourth meeting, to be held in Havana, Cuba—their second in that city. How can the dialogue from this unique conference benefit regional and international leaders of EM development?
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