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Healthcare professionals can help organize a food distribution team as one would the activities in an operating room, dividing team members into Operators, Circulators, and Monitors.
An emergency physician practicing in Vienna gives a first-hand look at Europe’s refugee crisis, and what it will mean for EU healthcare – and society – moving forward.
Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes, and mental illness are all managed regularly in the ED, but their burden is falling disproportionately on developing countries. Could EPs intervene and change the course of their country’s health trajectory?
A 4-physician team lands in the remote islands of Vanuatu soon after it was hit with a massive earthquake followed by a volcanic eruption.
The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine is beginning to establish regional outposts to provide peer support and resources for EM students and residents around the globe.
In 2015, awarded Trek Medics International a $250,000 seed grant. The objective? To use a program called Beacon to help implement localized emergency response with SMS technology and available transit, rather than driving toward Western-style ambulance EMS.
The founders of a young EM conference prepare for their fourth meeting, to be held in Havana, Cuba—their second in that city. How can the dialogue from this unique conference benefit regional and international leaders of EM development?
The recent EMCON conference put on display the ambitious steps being taken to improve Indian emergency medicine. But with over 1 billion potential patients, the challenges are daunting.
Haywood Hall on how telemedicine allowed him to pursue his global health passions in Mexico...while earning U.S. dollars treating patients on his phone.
A founding father of Egyptian emergency medicine, Dr. Khalifa countinues to provide vision for the specialty in North Africa and the Middle East.
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