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Will we face the challenges of tomorrow with yesterday’s tools, or will we challenge ourselves to do better, creating brand new solutions of our own devising?
There is so much work yet to do in establishing and operating EM clinical delivery and training systems around the world; it is vital that all projects and meetings be conducted with a spirit of collaboration - rather than a spirit of competition.
Global emergency medicine counts numerous sages among its leadership. But for IFEM to help take global emergency medicine to a new level, a new generation will need to be welcomed to the table, and then actively mentored.
With ICEM moving to an annual schedule and the increasing number of international emergency medicine fellowship programs, there's never been a better time to get involved with global emergency medicine at a strategic level.
Publisher Logan Plaster writes about the innovation necessary for EM in a resource-limited world.
When Saudi Arabia was hit by a deadly coronavirus, Qatari emergency physicians used it as an opportunity to catalyze hospitals into improving infectious disease practices.
Dr. C. James Holliman explains his vision in leading the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) as the organization's incoming President.
Emergency medicine progress in Europe is going to require emergency physicians to put aside turf battles and work hand in hand with intrenched groups of specialists.
A Letter From the Publisher
The International Federation of Emergency Medicine offers several opportunities to get involved.
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