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Although it faces some of the same trauma care challenges as its neighbors, EM is already an officially recognized specialty in Cameroon, and two new emergency centers have opened here recently.
Just months after its medical and education officials approved EM as an official medical specialty for the first time, planned EM residency training programs already number in the dozens, including pediatric EM programs.
Letter to the Editor re: Pundit-Based Medicine [EPI Issue #18, page 34]
It is almost startling to realize how many of the EM challenges and opportunities in many countries mirror those in other countries. We are much more connected in these struggles than we may realize.
A study of international protection for emergency responders, and a proposal for a model responder protection law.
As President of the young Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM), Dr. Saleh Fares and his fellow society members have worked closely with each other to tighten training and clinical practice protocols, and advocate broader recognition and support for EM from both the people and the government of the United Arab Emirates. We talked with Dr. Fares about the recent and upcoming projects of the ESEM society, and his hopes for EM in the UAE and the broader Middle Eastern region.
Emergency physicians need to pay less attention to what is trending online, and focus more on practicing good, consistent medicine with evidence-based protocols.
A healthcare project in Tijuana highlighted the need for NGOs to begin with an accurate and thorough needs assessment. Only then can an emergency medicine team enter into a local context in a helpful and lasting way.
Autumn turns to a winter that few of Europe’s beleaguered asylum seekers have ever experienced. Dr. Keith Raymond gives a front-line physician’s perspective from Vienna.
In Taiz, an epicenter of the destruction in Yemen’s civil war, a recent medical graduate is among the skeleton crew providing care at Al-Thawra Hospital. In this active war zone, there are severe shortages of medical supplies and electricity—but no shortage of patients.
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