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My ED is staffed by physicians of various nationalities and training backgrounds, raising the question: “How important is standardized emergency training?”
With patient volumes increasing in EDs across the continent, European emergency medicine stands at a crossroads. EuSEM must act decisively to guide the specialty in coming years.
To tackle the next wave of medical crises in an era of shrinking budgets, emergency medicine will need to embrace an innovative DIY attitude
Emergency department overcrowding is just one of many public relations problems making it difficult for emergency medicine to recruit new doctors.
In November, London hosted a symposium on EM quality that opened the door for a global consensus
The current specialty model for emergency medicine in Sweden creates an overly costly and inefficient training pathway and dissuades new residents from joining.
Sure, the hallways are clear, but are time-based performance indicators improving care in British emergency departments? Only time will tell.
Pivotal times for international emergency medicine
Heroic measures of emergency care
Modern health care systems depend on specially-trained physicians who know which care pathway is appropriate for a particular patient presenting with an undifferentiated emergency illness.
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