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How the 2006 tsunami lead to significant developments within emergency medicine.
The remote nation’s innovative post-graduate EM training program embraces e-learning solutions.
Obtaining full EM specialty training in another country offers the works, from qualified supervision to system exposure to interaction with senior faculty and mentors.
A new study suggests that Greek emergency physicians need considerably more institutional support in handling “victims of abuse.”
Vital emergency medicine research need no longer be confined to a specific hospital or region; taking this work beyond your borders is now both manageable and powerful.
News from the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM)
A US-Belizean cooperative studies patient perceptions of hypertension in the developing South American nation.
In part II of EPI’s ED design series, Dr. Manuel Hernandez explains the importance of rethinking your emergency department’s front door experience.
When Irish President Michael Higgins took the stage to open ICEM 2012 in Dublin, it marked a political high point in global emergency medicine awareness.
Last year, pediatric emergency medicine experts from around the world came together to form the first international guidelines document for the care of children in emergency departments.
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