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A month training emergency personnel at Bhutan’s central hospital proves to an up-close-and-personal look at the mountain nation that has been dubbed “the last Shangri-La.”
From east to west, every emergency department seems to have similar concerns about violence against healthcare workers. No matter where we practice, we need to take a hard look at the factors – both institutional and cultural – that lead to unsafe working conditions.
Just because a hospital lacks reliable electricity, adequate staff numbers or fancy machines doesn’t mean it can’t take advantage of high design. Enter “frugal innovation.”
The emergency department at The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital is the first ED in mainland China to meet international standards.
Building a country’s emergency medicine acute care system need no longer be a shot in the dark. Over 65 countries around the world have developed a functional EM system, and consistent patterns and challenges of development have emerged, providing a clear pathway to any country now that wants to build an EM system. Here’s how to start.
We have created a series of articles where leaders in academic emergency medicine and global health share their experiences. We asked Dr. Razzak to be the first to share some of his stories in EM development with EPI.
Healthcare professionals can help organize a food distribution team as one would the activities in an operating room, dividing team members into Operators, Circulators, and Monitors.
Ugandans may struggle against a lack of standardized acute care and serious time delays in receiving such care, but at least in Dr. Joseph Kalanzi they have a tireless EM advocate.
Twenty-one years after its first ED was delivered from Scotland, in 18 trucks, Romania’s emergency health care system enjoys strong public trust and confidence.
With 450 trained EPs now working in 85% of Dutch EDs, the EM specialty continues to gain traction in Dutch hospitals and among medical students.
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