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Dawn is perhaps the best time to witness the ancient ritual of bathing where the Ganga, or the Ganges river, meets the Yamuna... Harvard researchers have been here for weeks to understand the logistics, economy, and population control of one of the largest gatherings of humans ever.
Norway struggles with tradition to bring its emergency services into the 21st century
To help solve Sweden’s looming healthcare crisis, emergency medicine will need to project a stronger public image.
Iceland’s ambitious and aspiring emergency medicine field seeks support and collaboration from overseas
With increased levels of trauma and chronic illness, Kenyan emergency departments sit poised to receive the brunt of a new healthcare crisis.
What are some of the reimbursement challenges that you’ve faced in emergency care?
Readers submit updates from west to east
One of India’s newest specialties, emergency medicine is beginning to benefit from governmental collaboration and regulation.
What is the greatest challenge emergency medicine faces in your country?
What is one change you would make (or have made) to make EM more cost-effective?
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