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An emergency physician practicing in Vienna gives a first-hand look at Europe’s refugee crisis, and what it will mean for EU healthcare – and society – moving forward.
Cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, diabetes, and mental illness are all managed regularly in the ED, but their burden is falling disproportionately on developing countries. Could EPs intervene and change the course of their country’s health trajectory?
After a year of clinical and training work at an ED in Kigali, Rwanda, Dr. Rahman returns to his former ED in England and here reflects upon the great importance of the greater health system contexts in EM development.
After relentless media coverage of the state of many EDs in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the pressure is on to reform key A&E processes and funding mechanisms.
Slovenia is now undergoing a planned transition in which primary health care emergency services will be merged with hospital emergency services.
Triage is a big part of what happens at the front door of many EDs, and it is thought to be essential for safe practice and smooth patient flow by many ED clinicians. But is there a better way?
A 4-physician team lands in the remote islands of Vanuatu soon after it was hit with a massive earthquake followed by a volcanic eruption.
The International Student Association of Emergency Medicine is beginning to establish regional outposts to provide peer support and resources for EM students and residents around the globe.
As the current President of the Ethiopian Society of Emergency Medicine Professionals, Dr. Teklu is leading efforts to form the clinical structure for EM in Ethiopia and neighboring countries.
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