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Some EDs in Hong Kong have between a half and a quarter of the number of doctors per patient compared with other world-class departments.
The world’s elderly population continues to explode, creating both strain and opportunity in the field of emergency medicine. Emergency physicians need to respond by solidifying the ED as the hub of care for the aging patient.
A recent report by Safe Life Foundation suggests that on India’s dangerous roadways, a major contributing factor to motor vehicle accident deaths is a lack of timely assistance from fellow drivers.
Positive effort by United Nations to curb non-communicable diseases falls short of setting targets and fails to address global emergency medicine development issues.
The Medical Council of India (MCI) is slowly taking positive steps towards educating a new emergency physician workforceD
Saudi Arabia accounts for upwards of a third of all global amphetamine seizure. Government officials have long been in denial about the growing problem, but emergency physicians are bringing the issue to light.
When Santa Maria experienced a tragic night club fire, emergency crews in nearby Porto Alegre flew to their aid.
When disaster strikes, local healthcare facilities can quickly become overwelmed, necesitating the organized creation of alternative care sites (ACS). Whether this takes place in a school, arena or church, there are a few important things to remember – lessons learned in some of the world’s worst medical disasters.
A US-Belizean cooperative studies patient perceptions of hypertension in the developing South American nation.
In 2009, Asan Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, set up a multi-disciplinary emergency department specifically for cancer patients. This retrospective study was conducted to compare the care provided before and after the Cancer ER (CER) was established.
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