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The PACE program faces hurdles as it lobbies for emergency ultrasound training in Mexico.
What is the state of emergency pediatrics in your country/region?
In the austere environs of an Afghan military base, infections can turn vicious in an instant.
Despite the lowest public healthcare expenditure in the Americas, Cuba has strong public health indicators and one EM specialist for every 20,000 Cubans.
In northern Rwanda, a sim-based resuscitation training session quickly turns into a real-life struggle for a child's life.
Working in an ED in the Caribbean, an unusual case of fish poisoning turns quickly into an emergency.
A global collaborative forms to establish Rwanda’s first emergency medicine residency.
How the 2006 tsunami lead to significant developments within emergency medicine.
The remote nation’s innovative post-graduate EM training program embraces e-learning solutions.
News from the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM)
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