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First-of-its-kind digital textbook is currently soliciting submissions from the international emergency medicine community.
Mexican EM training program “flips” the classroom on a limited budget.
Outdoor medicine training can give emergency physicians the tools they need to handle everyday emergencies outside the hospital.
Why cellphone data could be the key to tracking the next pandemic.
One new doc’s imperfect attempts to dive into smartphone eLearning.
Emergency medicine gains traction in Kurdish region thanks to visionary leaders like Dr. Shakawan M. Esmaeel.
Whenever there is an infectious disease scare, critical eyes turn on the emergency department. The key is to look forward, not back, and design new EDs with infection control principles in mind from the beginning.
What steps has your hospital taken, if any, in preparation for potential Ebola patients?
Earlier this fall EPI interviewed Dr. Michelle Niescierenko, a pediatric EP who works for Boston Childrens Hospital and spends about four months a year in Liberia, and Dr. Pranav Shetty, the Emergency Health Coordinator for International Medical Corps.
Will we face the challenges of tomorrow with yesterday’s tools, or will we challenge ourselves to do better, creating brand new solutions of our own devising?
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