Welcome to Emergency Physicians International

Emergency Physicians International, or EPI, was launched as a print magazine in 2010 to cover the expanding world for global emergency care. Since then, we've printed 21 print editions in 15 countries, partnering with national, regional and international global health events. 

On this site, you'll find the fields reports and deep dives that we've featured in the magazine, as well as a crop of new content. Most importantly, this is a growing community, and we want to keep in touch. If you'd like to pitch a story or write for EPI, send an email to logan@epijournal.com.

Laura Plaster

Editorial Advisory Board
C. James Holliman, MD
Peter Cameron, MD
Terry Mulligan, DO
Lee Wallis, MD
Prof V. Anantharaman
Katrin Hruska, MD
Arif Alper Cevik, MD
Haywood Hall, MD

Founder / Publisher
Logan Plaster