Partnership Between India's Max SHBG and GWU Begins to Bear Fruit

In 2014, recognizing the need for improved EM training, India’s Max SHBG hospital partnered with George Washington University (GWU) to start the Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) program, a 3 year residency training program in Emergency Medicine and acute care. To date, SHBG has graduated 18 MEM and 15 DNB Emergency Medicine residents. Max SHBG graduates have gone on to successful careers in India and around the world.

Emergency Physicians Respond to Flooding in Kerala

In August, 2018 India’s southern state of Kerala experienced its worst flood in over a century. Over a period of weeks, heavy rains, rising flood waters, and land slides left an estimate 483 dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. In response to the devastation, the National Health Mission, the district administration & ANGELS (Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers) initiated ‘Operation Navajeevan,’ a joint private-public partnership with healthcare facilities & NGOs in the region to provide medical relief to flood victims. This article describes the relief efforts in Kozhikode, a costal region of Kerala, where operation Navajeevan was initiated.

In India, New EM Training Models Emerge to Meet Trauma Needs

When Dr. Nerendra Nath Jena first became head of the Emergency/Casualty Department (ED) at Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Center (MMHRC) in 2008, there wasn’t much of a department for him to lead. Still a year before Emergency Medicine (EM) would become a formally recognized specialty in India, the department at that time consisted of only 5 beds, tucked into a 3 x 5 meter entry way leading to the ambulance bay outside.

Stories from the Front Lines: Emergency Medicine in India's 'Max PPG'

Located in the Eastern District of Delhi, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Patparjan (Max PPG) serves a diverse patient population stretching from far flung rural communities to India’s densely populated capital city. Prior to 2011, patients arriving to Max PPG were received in a casualty department, where they were examined by a rotating staff of physicians, none of whom had training in Emergency Medicine (EM). In 2011 the Emergency Departments (ED) began hiring EM trained physicians, and in 2016 they partnered with George Washington University (GWU) to start an EM post-graduate residency training program.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine in Latin America

In Latin America, the development of pediatric emergency medicine over the last decade has been led mostly by pediatricians. However more recently as PEM recognition is rising, as the world understands the need for specialized care in emergency settings, and as Emergency Medicine is an increasingly recognized specialty in most countries in the region, PEM specialists have assumed a larger role in bringing together key leaders to improve care and coordinate resources for acutely ill and injured children

Emergency Medicine Takes Shape in Laos

As part of an effort to improve emergency medical care, the Ministry of Health and the University of Health Sciences in Vientiane, in cooperation with the NGO Health Frontiers, launched the Lao Emergency Medicine Residency program. The first class of 8 residents started their 3-year training in September 2017 with the second class of 9 residents starting in September 2018.